November 8, 2017

Yogi Naidoo – Master of Ceremonies

                                                             Best MC

The success of a party, birthday, wedding or any event is based on one simple factor: Did people have a good time?
Having a Master of Ceremonies is the key to ensuring that your party is remembered long after it’s over…. for all the right reasons! You need a strong communicator that can control how people feel.  You need a joke, story, game, quote or humorous comment  at the right time to make every moment special.

What started out as a simple favour for my aunt has rapidly turned into a life passion for me. When my aunt asked me to MC my uncles 60th birthday, 20 minutes before it started, I did what any rational, clear minded 16 year old would do, I said whatever came to my mind!

Fortunately for me (and everyone that attended) what came from my mind, was extremely funny and entertaining. Since then I’ve emceed just about every function imaginable.

My passion for people combined with love of communication helps me connect with an audience in a way that ensures everyone has a good time. Please enjoy browsing my website, I look forward to making your next event special.

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Yogi Naidoo Image

N.B. I will donate 10% from every single event to Speedy Speed if you quote Speedy Speed when booking your event. Let’s make a difference together and fight hunger, poverty and depression!