April 10, 2020

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a very important area in the success of any business. Understanding social media marketing will help your business grow in exposure and revenue. We can help you and your team get ahead of the pack and understand Social Media Marketing as well as the role in plays in a successful business. Please contact us if you are interested in allowing us to tutor you or your team of staff.

This course can be done either online or we can come to your location.

Cost per lesson is R500 per person if done online

Cost per lesson is R700 per person if we come to your location  (Excludes travelling cost if out of Johannesburg)

Full course of 17 lessons online – R7000

Full course of 17 lessons if we come to your location – R7500   – Maximum 10 students (Excludes travelling cost if out of Johannesburg)

The course outline is as below :

Lesson 1 – Content and Community – Build It and They Will Come AND Stay

Lesson 2 – Learning to Monetize Social Media

Lesson 3 – YouTube without Big Budgets
Lesson 4 – Facebook – Social Targeting Means More Leads for Less
Lesson 5 –  Twitter – Understanding and Monetizing the Noise
Lesson 6 – LinkedIn – Professional Networking in the Digital Space
Lesson 7 – Instagram – A Picture Tells a Thousand Words
Lesson 8 – Data Driven Social Media
Lesson 9 – ORM – Protecting Your Brand Online
Lesson 10  – Strategy – Making More of Your Marketing
Lesson 11 – Social Media Branding
Lesson 12 –  Identifying, setting and measuring goals
Lesson 13 – Social media auditing and competitor research
Lesson 14 – Content execution and publishing
Lesson 15 – The dark side of social media
Lesson 16 – Data-driven social media marketing
Lesson 17 – Advanced social media management
Please note that our credentials are very impressive with over 20 years experience in sales and marketing both in international and national corporate companies . Added to this is over 10 years experience in running our own businesses and over 10 years experience in training and tutoring.
Please reply to us on the contact form below if you are interested in working with us or if you need to find out any further details. Alternatively. please feel free to email us on info@speedyspeed.cp.za

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