April 25, 2017

Starling Photography SA

About Starling Photography SA

We are a team of photographers who love life. So much so that we decided to capture as many moments of life, that we possibly can. Our passions and dreams have lead us to photography-a chance to preserve a bit of the Magic of Life: People, Nature, Love, Joy, Sadness, Simplicity, Extravagance – a kaleidoscope of life-experiences. Our photographers are highly qualified, Suren being the lead photographer has obtained a Diploma in Photography through the internationally recognized Shaw Academy and professionally having the experience of undertaking various photo shoots, it has helped refine our talents and direct our passions. Excellent photography, we believe, is best learned through experience and being fully aware, in the moment. Whilst we are inspired by many of the photographer-greats, we aspire to bring our own creative flair into our work, looking to constantly improve as we mature as individuals – professionally and otherwise. We cover events ranging from weddings and anniversaries, to family portraits and individual photo shoots. We always offer a high level of professionalism and excellent quality. The dictum we live by: (Do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. -Confucius-) Just like how it all started with passions and dreams as well as with the support, guidance and encouragement from those around us, we feel it is now our turn to return this energy to the universe so that others may grow and succeed too. Therefore, we feel it is our commitment and duty to contribute at least 10% of every photography project to the ‘Speedy Speed’ – a non profit organisation focussed on fighting hunger and feeding under privileged school children. Making dreams become reality and making another person smile is what we always persevere to do. We believe we are helping to change the community by assisting people to change their lives. Yours in commitment to seeing other dreams come true. Making people smile in every possible way and bringing joy to people’s lives through our work is of vital importance to us. It’s something which we hold very close to our hearts. Visit us on http://www.starlingphotography.co.za

N.B. Please email info@speedyspeed.co.za to qualify for a further 10% discount on any photography shoot. Please specify as much details as you can.