New Project for 2018 – Speedy Speed needs your help

We are launching a project early in 2018 in underprivileged schools. We are looking for volunteers to assist on a Saturday morning. We are introducing a life skills and activity program. So if a person has experience in any of the following areas (child psychology, counselling, motivational speaking, teaching, yoga, dance or any other life skill sets that can benefit a primary school child and willing to volunteer and help Speedy Speed make a difference we are appealing to them to please email We will also ensure the children are fed during this time. Also, if anyone is interested in sponsoring anything (like food, clothing, books, toys) – please email A humble appeal also goes out to all corporate companies to assist in funding and being a part of a live changing experience.

Our aim with this project is to motivate and inspire children, making them realise that there is a way out of poverty, hunger and crime.

Let us work together and make this work!