Live life with the Macgyver spirit! – By Suren Naicker

I remember back in the day, on a Friday evening, my entire family use to wait for 7pm. This was the time for our favourite series, Macgyver. The nostalgic music always brought smiles to our faces. Even as I type this blog, I’m humming the opening theme song.  My brother and I use to always get so fascinated at how Macgyver had this unique ability to get out of any situation. Macgyver made being a kid of the eighties an adventurous and truly special era. I remember an episode in which Macgyver tried to rid a village of an army of killer ants. Macgyver  tried so many different methods which didn’t work. Everyone, including the owner of the land gave up.

However, Macgyver kept on going. He kept on going until he finally got rid of the ants and saved the village. Macgyver could make do with anything to get out of the worst of predicaments. Okay, okay…I know what you are saying  –  It was only a television show! Yes, only a television show but it still made so much sense.  Macgyver made every kid and probably  many adults  more of a dreamer.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, the world needs more real-life Macgyvers. How often do many of us give up or lose hope when things are going  badly in our lives? I believe that there is a solution to every problem or predicament one finds oneself in. As much as some of us know this, it’s difficult to always keep the positive  mind set and believe that things will work out and all will just be okay. So whether you going through an emotional relationship break-up, a job loss, a life threatening sickness – never ever lose hope in the belief in a miracle. Miracles do happen! In some mysterious way, a way at times one may not be able to comprehend; things always work out for the better. Maybe the lesson is to pay closer attention to your current life and situation. Maybe the answers are all right in front of you staring you in the face. It is very possible that the people and the solutions are in your path but many a time we are so focused on looking behind and literally crying so much that our tears wash away what is directly in our path. It is in ones path for ones taking but one is too stubborn and foolish to realise this because one is still focusing on what was in the past. One may question oneself and ask but why me?  Questioning oneself in this manner will never help the situation. Instead, accept what is happening as well as what has happened and move forward by learning from the experiences of the situation . I always believe that every hardship has a lesson in it. As mentioned, one just needs to pay close attention and look out for the lesson, learn from it and move forward on working on a brighter and positive future. Yes, it sometimes is not as easy as that, however, life is too short not to move forward. In the bigger scheme of things, years ahead, one will look back and tell oneself how proud one is of overcoming ones hurdle which at that time one probably thought was going to destroy them.

Remember courage is going from failure to failure with the enthusiasm to achieve your deepest desires. Just have the believe and faith that just like how your heart beats, something is mysteriously working in the background and it is all working out in your favour. Realising that nothing  is permanent and that anything can change in your life at any given time is definitely worth remembering. So the next time you have a problem, approach and fix it, Macgyver style ;) We all have a Macgyver in us! Always keep searching for your inner Macgyver and never ever give up on achieving your deepest desires and your ultimate life that you want.

And oh, maybe download the Macgyver ringtone as a reminder of the Macgyver spirit ;) That’s what I did immediately after writing this :) If you want to listen to the Macgyver  theme song, check below and enjoy :)