Depression – By Grace Itumeleng Manaka

We sometimes find ourselves broken, chained, unhappy and full of so many different emotions. At times we don’t know who we are and it’s like you living a lie, a lie that is full of pain. At times you are full of  rage and anger – you end up hating yourself thinking you are not good enough and wish that you where never born.

Thoughts rush through your head.  Crazy thoughts! Thoughts of how you can kill this pain you are feeling. Thoughts of how and why do you feel so empty. We are not crazy nor are we selfish we just have something called depression and it’s okay to talk about your feelings, it’s okay if you want to scream. Your emotions, your scars make you the woman or man you are today!!! Yes we have lost family members and friends because the pain was just too much and they were trying to find a way to take their pain away. Your depression doesn’t have to eat you alone because if you think about it, sometimes we all suffer with a little depression.

Let’s come together and take a stand! Let’s come together and fight it! Let’s come together and cry and laugh! Yes friends, life can throw so many curve balls at us. It’s a matter of how we deal with these curve balls and it’s also a matter of, do we judge or do we give an ear even if it’s just for minute or a second to a person who desperately needs it.

I choose to love, live and even at times I feel like I’m falling but it’s okay because I’ll get up when I’m ready.

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