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Speedy Speed is children focused. We believe that helping our children by fighting hunger and poverty is very important to the future of our country. Our mission is to always make a positive difference in people’s lives especially with children from under privileged schools. Our goal is to get more South Africans to join us and effectively fight hunger and poverty in our country’s schools. We are a registered non-profit organisation (Company Number : 2016/330503/08). Speedy Speed moves forward in making a positive difference for the youth with the assistance of donations, our partners and volunteers. We also initiate several fund raising events in order to generate funds to assist the hungry school children of South Africa. In South Africa poverty is a growing concern. Hunger is a terrible feeling, more so for school going children. Without proper nutrition many children lose interest in school, thereby effectively hampering their future aspirations. At Speedy Speed we believe that by assisting schools, we can help ensure that these children stay in school and complete their studies. Besides being passionate about making this positive difference in the lives of our school children, we are also very passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of our adults. For this very reason we also hold many fund raising activities which adults can also participate in. Many adults are out there and very lonely. This in turn can lead to unhappiness and in many cases depression. We believe that we can help that lonely adult find happiness by getting them involved in our fund raising events which in turn also increases their network of friends. Above all, when one gets involved in activities to benefit others, ones actions automatically uplifts ones mood. What is very encouraging about Speedy Speed, is that we use these fund raising activities to assist in feeding the school children and increase our footprint in more schools. We have also partnered with many local businesses and corporates in order to make a further positive impact in the lives of the children and all involved. By supporting our partners via this website, you get great value for money at discounted pricing and you in turn assist Speedy Speed feed more children. Our partners offer you a variety of products and services. So, ultimately you have many different opportunities to help our youth by making a positive difference in their life as well as in your life. Click on the appropriate link above to learn more about how you can make a positive difference for our youth as well as how to get involved and partake in other planned fund raising events for our youth. Together we can make more of a positive difference! “What counts in life is not a mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. “ – Nelson Mandela, 18 May 2002.


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